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To us, the good life doesn’t necessarily mean having unlimited funds, taking expensive vacations, or going out to fine restaurants every night. It could just as easily mean staying in, relaxing with the ones you love, savoring a glass of wine under the stars, relishing nature, and making the most of what you already have. That’s why installing an integral, usable outdoor space makes sense. It isn’t a splurge; it’s an investment in your home and quality of life. The first step in any patio project is choosing the flooring material. Angelus patio pavers are a fantastic choice for those who want high-quality design produced close to home.

The first step in any patio project is choosing the flooring material. Angelus patio pavers are a fantastic choice for those who want high-quality design produced close to home. And we can help you with that first step and every step other step along the way. From the initial consultation and 3D design to laying the final stone, we guide you through the process and stand by our finished product.

Angelus Concrete Pavers in Orange County, California

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Sustainable never looked so good

Green building and sustainability are top concerns, particularly for Orange County homeowners. But we want our patio pavers to look good, too. Fortunately, Angelus pavers accomplish both goals with equal finesse. Their stylish concrete pavers, decorative retaining walls, and outdoor barbecues come in a breathtaking variety of colors, shapes, and layout patterns so that you can make full use of your landscape and your creativity.

And the pavers are just as good for the environment as they are for your property value. Not only are Angelus patio pavers manufactured locally, reducing transport time and carbon emissions, they are also inherently efficient. Modular, multi-functional product lines lead to greater design flexibility and reduced construction waste. In addition, the pavers are manufactured with a mix that requires less cement and are rugged, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and recyclable. Adding retaining walls or specialty products like permeable interlocking patio pavers results in greater environmental benefits, including erosion and runoff control.



In it for the long haul

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using concrete pavers for your patio is longevity. With minimal care, concrete pavers can last decades without the need for additional attention. Most patios constructed with pavers need only an occasional sweeping and rinsing to clear dirt and leaves, preventing stains. Properly installed, patio pavers should not crack or settle. However, should something out of the ordinary damage your pavers, another advantage is the ability to spot replace individual pavers, resulting in a patio that’s as good as new with no noticeable patchwork.  You can also easily extend your patio at a later date. Adding matching pavers and design elements will give you a beautifully blended design.

Angelus Concrete Pavers in Orange County, California

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