Concrete Pavers

Lay the Groundwork for Years of Enjoyment

With Concrete Pavers.

Transform your yard into a striking centerpiece.

Transform your yard into a striking centerpiece. With a little planning, your patio can become the focal point of your family’s leisure time, an enticing stage for entertaining and the most lived-in and talked about room in your home. To begin to bring your vision to life, you have to think about the foundation for it all.

Concrete Pavers in Orange County, California

benefits of concrete pavers 



Concrete patio pavers offer infinite options.

Your flooring choice anchors and sets the tone for your entire project. What is your color palette? What will your outdoor room look like? Feel like? With our product lines of Belgard, Orco, and Angelus pavers, your patio could be just about anything. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to create a look that’s all your own, whether you want a warm, rustic outdoor barbecue and firepit in subtle tones of sand and gold — or a glamorous lighted patio and pool in sophisticated slate.

Want some inspiration? Head to our gallery to see the looks that previous customers have put together.


Minimal Upkeep

Concrete patio pavers clean up quick.

Nobody wants an outdoor room that they have to handle with kid gloves. Our patio pavers provide a durable, carefree surface, so that you can spend your time enjoying your patio rather than maintaining it. Simply sweep your patio, rinse it off with a hose, and clean it with a stable broom and paver cleaner every once in a while. That’s it. Patio pavers are almost as easy as they are beautiful.



Concrete patio pavers stand the test of time.

With minimal seasonal care, concrete patio pavers can last 50 years or more in the mild climate of Orange County.  Remember to top off the joints with jointing sand as needed and your new patio should remain as firmly in place as it was the day it was built. Patio pavers are sturdy, rugged, and ready for any condition. So go ahead and throw your parties, send your kids outside to play on the patio, let your pets hang out with you by the pool. Your pavers can take it.

Your Backyard is Beckoning


We live in Orange County, the entertainment capital of the world.

At Patio Warehouse, we believe that this legendary California hospitality is accessible to everyone, not only celebrities. It extends to everyday life, everyday moments.

Are you ready to get started?

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We know that designing an outdoor living space to meet your family’s needs and compliment your home can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be. Put the experts here at Patio Warehouse to work. We are experienced in helping homeowners create exactly the kind of outdoor rooms they’ve been dreaming about. From the initial consultation and 3D design to laying the final stone, we guide you through the process and stand by our finished product. Contact us or stop by our showroom today. We can help you transform your backyard into a stunning space with interlocking patio pavers.