Aluminum Patio Covers, Sunrooms, and Patio Pavers in Yorba Linda

Aluminum Patio Covers, Anaheim, CA

Patio Warehouse designs and installs aluminum patio covers, in Anaheim, CA. In addition, we create beautiful backyard retreats using high-tech products such as embossed aluminum sunrooms, decorative stamped concrete, and durable concrete pavers. All of our products are designed to blend perfectly with each other, as well as with your existing landscape, hardscape, and architectural features. Even better, our manufactured aluminum patio covers and sunrooms look like real wood without all of the upkeep. Our team has been designing and building in this area for over sixteen years and have the best reviews of any patio and sunroom contractors in Anaheim, CA.

Concrete Pavers, Anaheim, CA


Before we can build one of our aluminum patio covers for your Anaheim, CA home, we often have to design and construct a patio. We carry many first-rate, durable products that will transform your backyard into a cultured, sophisticated outdoor room—but our patio flooring products are the foundation for it all. We are experts in both decorative, stamped concrete, which turns ordinary cement into something breathtaking, as well as concrete pavers. Both of these products have a lot of benefits with almost no downsides, so choosing between them is really a matter of taste and personal preference. Both products are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy to customize.

Some of our Orange County customers have chosen stamped concrete that looks just like wood decking, concrete pavers that mirror the classic fishscale pattern of Europe, or they have chosen to use both, opting for a smooth, reflective colored concrete for the patio with an intricate border made of contrasting concrete patio pavers. Whatever you choose, all of our patio flooring products can give you an eye-catching patio, walkway, or driveway. Don’t settle for a bland, square cement patio when you can get a striking, unique surface for your patio project—precisely the look you are going for at a competitive price.

Check out our concrete pavers gallery or our decorative concrete gallery to get some more ideas and some inspiration from previous projects in the Anaheim, CA area.

 Sunroom Contractors, Anaheim, CA 

Anaheim homeowners are often looking for an easy, economical way to add usable square footage to their homes. In Orange County, property values are rising, and land is at a premium, so home additions often pay for themselves in added equity, if the contractor is able to complete the project on time and budget.

As one of the best sunroom contractors in Anaheim, CA, we often recommend our embossed aluminum sunrooms as an affordable addition to your home. Per square foot, an aluminum sunroom is the best way to increase the size of your home without putting a dent in your wallet.

Some added benefits of choosing one of our sunrooms:



Even though our sunrooms and aluminum patio covers are manufactured, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one design.

We love helping Anaheim homeowners unleash their creativity by sketching out an addition that perfectly matches their home’s personality. Tailor your finished project with speciality colors, trim, recessed lighting, and other details that make your home unique.


Easy to Install

Since our sunrooms feature modular construction, we can install your addition and have it ready to use in just a couple of days.

But that doesn’t mean that you are skimping on quality. All of our products feature the thickest insulated walls and the best glass in the industry.


Easy to Blend

Can’t decide if you want a sunroom or one of our aluminum patio covers for your Anaheim, CA home? How about both?

Our sunrooms look fantastic when combined with a solid or lattice aluminum patio cover, creating an effortless, elegant indoor-outdoor retreat.