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Our name matches our personality. Patio Warehouse offers a sales office & showroom featuring 4 different styles of Patio Covers on display at our Orange location. Beyond these options, we provide unsurpassed customization with mix-and-match products, such as Elitewood Ultra and Elitewood Classic patio covers and Four Seasons sunrooms. We deliver all the speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of a large chain retailer, but maintain the hand-crafted quality of a small business.

Personalized Patio in California
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More than a warehouse

We’re not big box. We’re boutique.


While our stable of high-quality products is built to bring value to your home, our brand is built to bring value to our customer. We specialize in you. At Patio Warehouse, we understand that even the loveliest, most luxurious patios and sunrooms are a complete waste of time and money if the builders don’t take your lifestyle, and your needs, into consideration. That’s why we work with you from start to finish. From the initial design consultation and 2D drawing to placing the finishing touches just so, we are there to make sure that your outdoor additions fit you and your landscape, rather than trying to fit you to a premade sunroom or patio cover based on a template.

The best of both worlds

Between innovative product lines and personalized design and construction services, you really can have it all.


The engineering behind our products ensures that you will get a craftsman-style look at just a fraction of the cost, labor, and maintenance required for more traditional materials like wood or steel. For example, our elegant and sophisticated Elitewood™ aluminum patio covers have a gorgeous, realistic wood grain that is virtually maintenance-free. Its unsurpassed durability is completely weather resistant — no cracking, warping, or splitting. No more painting. No more termites. And no more dry-rot. It all translates to a hassle-free patio cover for decades to come. The brilliant people who design and build our projects ensure that your outdoor oasis will truly represent you. We can create looks in any color palette, style or tone that you desire. We can help you choose the cut of your patio cover, the layout of your patio, the scope of your project. We can even help you pick the perfect details to tie it all together, from recessed lighting under your mixed-use patio to finish trim in your sunroom that makes it look like it was always a part of your home. This is what customer service means to us: expertise, guidance, and personalization.

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If you want some ideas to add to your dream book, check out our gallery and get inspired by some of the stunning retreats our previous customers have created. If you’re ready to put your ideas into action, contact us for a free, no-obligation in-home consultation. It’s more affordable than you might think to turn those dreams into reality.