here comes
the sun.

Invite it in.

Sunrooms are a must-have in Orange County. California is blessed with some of the best weather in the world—the grandest views, the gentlest breezes, the coolest summer nights, the sunniest days, and the most breathtaking natural light. And you can soak it all in with an expertly crafted sunroom from Patio Warehouse.

orange county california sunroom
orange county sunroom california

benefits of sunrooms

Not just a home upgrade. A life upgrade.

There’s no question that a new sunroom construction will increase your property’s market value, just like any addition that creates more livable square footage. However, the true upshot of a sunroom is the space it adds to your life, not just the space it adds to your home.

Picture a place that makes your morning coffee richer, your afternoon nap more refreshing, and that evening glass of wine more full-flavored. A well-designed sunroom works for your family year round, morning, noon, and night. See what opens up in your life when you let in some light.

The original multi-purpose room.

Sunrooms make more than great living spaces; they make fantastic workspaces and play spaces, too. Whether you want a few extra square feet so that you can catch up on business from the serenity of your own home or you’ve always wanted a light and airy yoga room for your daily practice, a sunroom is right for you.

Dine in while feeling like you’re dining out, read, host cocktail parties, and play board games into the wee hours of the night. A sunroom gives you a place for all of this and more.


Blend effortlessly with your current style

Many homeowners worry that a new sunroom won’t work with their existing construction. You don’t want your new living space to look tacked on, like an afterthought rather than a beautiful, integral piece of your home’s design. At Patio Warehouse, we work hard to ensure that your dream sunroom seamlessly complements your home’s unique features and landscape, ensuring that it looks less like an addition and more like an extension of your home.

You can choose a flat-roofed Sunscape Sunroom, which pairs with any of our lattice or solid aluminum patio covers, or a Horizon Sunroom, which features a gabled roof that’s pitched to match your home’s roofline. Both styles come in many colors and finishes and can be customized with options like interior trim, recessed lighting, insulated wall panels, and translucent ceiling panels. Our team will work with you to plan a sunroom that looks like it’s always been a part of your home.

Once you’re done designing, you can trust your sunroom construction to the best
builders in Orange County, California and know that what you see is what you’ll get.