Aluminum Patio Covers: Time to Transform your Patio

Aluminum Patio Covers

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Transform Your Yard into a Striking Centerpiece.

Alumawood or Aluminum?
No matter how dazzling, no patio landscape feels complete without a patio cover. A well-designed patio cover in Orange County, transforms your patio from a basic gathering place into a true outdoor room — the focal point of your entire house and your family’s favorite hangout retreat. In addition to adding shade, style, and grace to your backyard, patio covers are the perfect way to protect your patio pavers and furniture from the elements.

We can build patio covers out of just about anything, but our experts at Patio Warehouse prefer aluminum to wood, steel or vinyl patio covers, especially for homeowners in Orange County, California. Compared to steel or wood, aluminum patio covers are equally attractive, easier to install, made durable, and more economical in the long run. Aluminum also offers a greater range of design flexibility than vinyl, and won’t crack, fade, or warp in the sun.

benefits of aluminum patio covers



Striking, versatile, and easy to customize

Contrary to popular belief, there are many patio design options available using aluminum materials. You don’t have to be stuck in a square or confined to a closed overhead cover. Many of the sought-after open, rounded, or semi-rounded designs are just as easy to construct with aluminum, and extra touches like custom columns and recessed lighting make your final look even more refined.

You can also mix and match styles, perhaps choosing latticework over your potted herb garden and solid panels over your outdoor dining room. Or, choose an Apollo Louvered Opening Roof System for the benefits of both at the touch of a button.



Love your patio for as long as you own your home

Because they do not rust, rot, grow mushrooms, or require annual painting or waterproofing, treated aluminum patio covers will last longer with a lot less fuss. Ideal for outdoors, aluminum patio covers can withstand heavy periods of rain and long periods of heat without suffering any damage.

Another bonus? Cleaning your patio cover is easy with tools as simple as a garden hose with a high-powered sprayer.


easy install

Installs like a dream

Lightweight and flexible, aluminum patio materials are easier to maneuver and therefore, easier install than steel or wood. You want to start living it up in your outdoor haven quickly rather than spending weeks or even months stepping over construction materials and listening to the sound of power tools.

And here’s a smart thought: If you are having a patio built professionally, then choosing aluminum will speed up construction time, lowering your overall labor costs.



Lower final purchase price

Although the initial materials purchase price may be more expensive than steel or wood, the short-term cost of installing and the long-term cost of maintaining an aluminum patio cover are much, much lower. Your patio is an investment that will pay dividends over the years, especially if you plan smart at the beginning and free yourself from the costs of maintaining and replacing your patio cover.

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Unsurpassed beauty on a budget

Get a patio with the look of wood but without the expense.

Patio Warehouse will deliver results on your new aluminum patio cover. The aluminum material allows to match any color scheme, can mimic a favorite pattern or texture, and can also deliver a choice of flat finish or lustrous shine. Specialty aluminum metal patio construction materials like these are available from premium manufacturers like Elitewood. 

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