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Our patio cover galleries place the beauty of our completed projects on full display. With a premium combination of style and durability, our patio covers provide a breathtaking addition to any Southern California home or hardscape. When you want the benefits of additional shade while still being able to enjoy the refreshing, Pacific coast breezes, an Elitewood Lattice Patio Cover may be exactly what you’re looking for. Searching for a solution that allows open-air access but also protects you from the elements? Elitewood Solid Patio Covers feature elegant columns that support an insulated roof to shield you from the sun and the rain. At Patio Warehouse, we’re also pleased to offer Elitewood Combo Patio covers, which blend the top aspects of lattice and solid patio covers to create a beautiful cover of the highest quality. For the ultimate patio enhancement, consider adding the high-tech versatility of an LifeRoom Louvered Patio Cover. Whether you live in Anaheim or Mission Viejo, Yorba Linda or Lake Forest, Patio Warehouse can customize a patio cover specifically for you. Spend some time browsing our galleries. Find the patio covers you like the most. Then contact our office to schedule your personalized in-home consultation.

Elitewood Lattice Patio Cover from Patio Warehouse in Orange County
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Elitewood Solid Patio Cover in Orange County, CA
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Patio Warehouse Elitewood Combo Patio Cover in California
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Apollo Louvered Patio Covers in Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Mission Viejo
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