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We invite you to take a few minutes and browse the lattice patio cover gallery below. As one of the premiere patio contractors in Orange County and LA County, Patio Warehouse proudly offers a stylish shelter of Elitewood lattice patio covers. 

You’re here in search of the best materials to possibly build a Lattice patio cover. You’ve likely found other so-called top of the line materials, yet you’re still not satisfied. If you have decided to upgrade your patio, please continue reading.

Patio Warehouse uses top quality materials to build your custom Lattice patio cover. We will touch more on the available materials to familiarize you with their benefits and what you should be looking for when hiring a licensed contractor.

If you are unsure if the Lattice patio cover is right for you, we will explain what a Lattice Patio Cover is up next.

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What is a Lattice Patio Cover?

A lattice patio cover is considered by many of our client’s their year-round sanctuary. The patio cover structure used to build the lattice patio is highly customizable. You get to choose the accessories, edge detailing, and type of finish.

Think of the lattice patio cover as your ideal place to set your mind at rest.

With Elitewood Ultra you might not need to re-invest in your patio cover again!

For starters, Elitewood Ultra is manufactured by Four Season Building Products which is our most demanded product line. Elitewood Ultra is one of the top-of-the-line aluminum materials available on the market. However, we also carry the Elitewood Classic material which is somewhat inferior to the Elitewood Ultra. 

Aluminum is one of the most demanded products compared to wood, vinyl, and others due to its strength, durability, and affordability. Aluminum is also known for its resemblance to wood but without its drawbacks. If you’ve done some research, you might be aware of other materials such as, Alumawood, Weatherwood, and Duracool. We will explain the differences up next.

Here is why many of our clients go with Elitewood Ultra Lattice and why it’s exclusively the most demanded product on the market.



It will not rot nor deteriorate due to the crack resistant finish, and even if it did, there is a 30-year material and a 10-year labor warranty.



It is the only material that has a non-staining coating system, so say adios to “painting” for the next few years.



Lastly, this product line is meant to save you money in the long term so you will not have to deal with any more streaking, chalking, and warping. It is essentially a maintenance free material.

Patio Warehouse is one of the most reviewed contractors with over 350+ five-star reviews!

With 8,000+ projects completed and fifteen years of experience, our competitive advantage stands strong through our professionalism from start to finish. Our six-step process to carry out installations has been improved over the years. All our head foreman have a contractor’s license, as it is one of the requirements to purchase from Four-Season Building Products.

Here’s what our customers like about us:

  • All our head foreman are licensed contractors and are bilingual (English and Spanish speakers)
  • We have a “no pressure sale policy”

Past projects successfully completed!

Lattice Patio Cover in Orange County, California
Lattice Patio Cover
Lattice Patio Cover in Orange County
Lattice Patio Cover by Patio Warehouse
Lattice Patio Cover in Backyard
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What’s the process to building a Lattice Patio Cover?

Here is our six-step process to complete any of our patio cover projects. However, there are a few additional steps for Lattice Patio Covers, which you will find in the frequently asked questions section below. Prior to the first step, all homeowners need to fill out a free estimate form. The average waiting period is about 24 hours to hear back from our team due to its high demand and material shortage.


Design Site Check

The first step will take about 15 minutes. We will visit your residence to get measurements and take necessary pictures to put together a professional sketch and a quote sheet. Expect to receive this information via email along with a link to schedule a visit to our showroom.

Throughout the first step, we follow our “no pressure sale policy.” If you’re ready to move forward, only then, we email you a contract via DocuSign for review. You will have plenty of time to review the options available and make any additional changes.



Now that you have agreed to move forward with the Lattice patio cover, our team will provide a professional draft of your customized Lattice patio cover for you to visualize the prototype. 


HOA Approval

After we’ve come to an agreement with the prototype, we proceed with the HOA approval which is a major milestone. Most HOA’s require approval for any architectural changes, such as laying down any hard scope work like installing concrete or paver footings underneath grade area.

HOA and city permits can take up to two to six months for approval.


Engineering & City Permits

Now we get to the nitty gritty details and engineering plans as agreed for the patio cover design. Our team will work on the blueprint to successfully get the required city permits.

The city permit process and paperwork is completed by our team to provide you with a better buyer experience. You will not have to deal with any of the paperwork, except when your signature is needed.


Materials Site Check & Manufacturing

Before ordering any of the materials we ensure all the necessary products for your patio cover are available and delivered within a reasonable time. We will reach out to you with an estimated time for the products to be delivered and schedule the installation date.



The installation is by far the most fun and exciting step. After working through the HOA and city approvals we finally get to start the installation.

We are as excited as you, because in 2–4 days you will get to enjoy your new year-round sanctuary!

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How much does the Lattice Patio Cover cost?

The lattice patio cover cost ranges between $3,999 to $19,999 dependent upon addons and customization. The Elitewood Ultra Lattice costs $5.00 more per square feet compared the Elitewood Classic Lattice. The cost difference is that Elitewood Ultra has a Kynar 500 coating.

The Kynar 500 is a resin-based metal coating to protect against weathering, aging, decolorization, chalking, and pollution. Meanwhile, the Elitewood Classic has Teflon coating, which doesn’t provide the same quality protection on the aluminum.

Overall, the pricing really depends on the following:

Patio cover size

Trim, post, and electrical options

House and concrete attachments

Engineering and city permit costs

As you can see, there are endless options to choose from so get a free estimate to give you our professional recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the process to convert a Lattice patio cover to Solid?

We evaluate the state of your lattice patio cover to see if the existing structural members, like the posts, header beam, and concrete footings can facilitate the engineering requirements to a solid cover. If it’s possible, we take off the lattice top and replace it with a solid top.

If the existing structural members don’t facilitate the engineering approval, we need to tear down the lattice patio cover and follow the engineering requirements for a solid patio cover. This is recommended due to the lattice patio cover not being engineered for wind uploads, which requires larger concrete footings and stronger structural steel posts.


What is the process to getting a lattice patio cover permit?

There are two paths to getting a city permit depending on the design.

The first path is simple and usually faster if the lattice patio cover is designed within the standard ICC engineering plans. We highlight the engineering plans and draft a plot plan of the lot. The process can take up to 1-2 weeks to get a city permit.

For the second path if the patio cover is designed outside the standard engineering plans. When this is the case, we must get site-specific engineering plans from an engineer with a wet stamp. A few examples are to use custom base plates in lieu of concrete footings, attaching a header beam to a house wall, custom angles, A-frame roofs, etc. This process will take up to 1 month to complete.

We will also need to submit the plans for reviewal by the city which can take up to 1-2 months.


How far apart are the beams on a lattice patio cover?

The single rafter beams are 24” apart and the double rafter beams are 48” apart. The lattice tubes are typically 2″–3” apart but can be customized depending on how much shading you want.