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This is Why Aluminum is the Material of Choice

As a Southern Californian, you like a sunny afternoon, a warm breeze–just the backdrop for entertaining a few friends, while barbecuing. You paid a good price for that nice patio, and you take pride in it.

But the patio cover you choose could cut into your enjoyment. Do you want to relax and shoot the breeze under a rotting wooden cover or lattice that lets in blinding rays? If you go with a vinyl patio cover for the waterproofing, what about the appearance? Why have a sharp patio with high-end furniture, only to cover it with something that looks cheap and out of character from the rest of the area?

When choosing custom patio covers in Los Angeles, wise homeowners go with aluminum. When selecting a patio cover, you’re looking for a few factors:

  • Durability- Wind and rain and even humidity can do a number on wood and other materials. Also, some materials naturally age, and don’t hold up well to family wear and tear.
  • Ease of installation- Aluminum is one of the easiest materials to install and to work with.
  • Price- While aluminum isn’t one of the least expensive materials, you get what you pay for, and we’ll show how it’s worth it.
  • Quality of material- With aluminum, you’re getting a light but sturdy material whose quality you can be sure of.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into the aluminum advantage for your Los Angeles patio cover.

Patio Cover Services

We’re an Orange County and Los Angeles favorite with more than 8,000 installations to our name. We feature four major styles of patio cover, plus the ability to widely customize. Whether you’re looking for a sunroom or a cover over part or all of an outdoor relaxation area, we start by thoroughly discussing your needs with you and offering an individualized solution.

We always start with a free estimate, which can occur in our showroom, with our experts guiding you to your ideal style. We then make sure everything’s approved, get top-notch materials, and install the patio cover in a way that insures the most durability, safety, and beauty. And if you’d like to finance, we can do that. Here are our four signature styles of patio covers:

Lattice Patio Cover in Orange County
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Elitewood Lattice

Lattice work is very California, creating a relaxed, airy atmosphere.  And Elitewood Lattice is particularly elegant, since it looks like hand-hewn cedar.  But since it’s aluminum, these natural-looking covers are low maintenance, with no need to paint.  Lattice patio covers are the Los Angeles go-to for family fun.

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Elitewood Solid

Our solid patio covers feature wood-grain enamel baked on for a rustic feel, plus our Aluma-shield paint system. These covers are made to last–your grandchildren will be able to play under the same roof as your children.

And the customization ranges from various beam cuts to a wide array of colors.

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Elitewood Combo Patio Covers

When thinking of Patio Warehouse’s combo patios, think customization. If a solid roof is needed for one part of your patio and lattice for another, that’s what we’ll install for you. Combo patios give you sun coverage while maintaining a light, recreational feel.

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Louvered Patio Covers

Our Apollo adjustable motorized louvered patio covers are like blinds over your patio, opening and closing as needed. The louvers turn nearly 180 degrees to give you full customization. You can give yourself more or less cover for each season, and even for the different parts of the day and evening!


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Straight Eave Sunroom

C thru sunrooms are known for being the go-to patio enclosures to expand your living space and simultaneously increase the value of your home.

Horizon Sunroom in Orange County, CA
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Gable Eave Sunroom

We can turn your patio or porch into a C thru sunroom or build it from scratch. It’s always a great investment to increase your home’s square footage.

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Why Homeowners Prefer Aluminum vs Other Low Quality Materials

Patio warehouse has a deep commitment to aluminum patio covers. It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not the easiest way: it’s quality. Aluminum is the only material that meets our standards for durability, quality, looks, and affordability. Aluminum patio covers are popular in Los Angles for some very good reasons. In fact, let’s compare the material head-to-head with other kinds of patio covers.


Alternative #1

Alumawood Material

Alumawood patio covers are very durable and are used for people looking for something low maintenance. One common variety is the Alumawood Laguna Lattice Patio Cover, which runs in the neighborhood of $1,300, not counting installation.

There’s no doubt that alumawood has its advantages. But in some homeowners associations don’t allow this material, so be sure to do your research if choosing Alumawood. It’s also very susceptible to buckling, which makes the high price a bit of an issue.

Aluminum is far less expensive and still provides great durability, plus plenty of customization.


Alternative #2

Wood Material

While a lot of people like the texture and feel of wood, the general atmosphere it provides, it’s not entirely practical. Two of the main issues with wood is that only select types will work, and all kinds of wood are very hard to install.

However, our Elitewood solid patio covers look like wood with higher quality materials. Naturally, our aluminum patio covers aren’t susceptible to rotting or mold or other water damage.


Alternative #3

Vinyl Material

In Los Angeles, vinyl patio covers are an option, but that’s about all we can say for them. The problem with vinyl patio covers for homeowners is that they just don’t stand up to wind and are magnets for damage. And that’s a problem because these are not materials you can really repair on your own.

Further, vinyl patio covers don’t provide the customization of our Elitewood series of patio covers. 


Alternative #4

Patio Cover Kits

A patio cover kit is a pre-designed patio cover, with the materials already selected and then cut to fit your dimensions.

Some kits are DIY (do-it-yourself), meaning that you order them like you’d order a shelving unit or a stereo system, and the components are shipped to you for assembly.

By contrast, Patio Warehouse works with you to custom design a patio covering with only the highest-quality aluminum materials. We don’t want you to settle for something that isn’t designed for your preferences and your family’s awesome quirks. It’s your patio and your patio covering, not one size fits all.



Your patio will become a pretty big part of your life, and that’s good, because there’s a bit of work to do as the cover finds its new home. Our approach is full-service. We take the headaches from you. That means that once we’ve chosen designs and styles and colors, we go the extra mile of dealing with Homeowners’ Association regulations, permits, everything.

Then, the good part: installation is completed between 2-4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a patio cover add value?

Absolutely! Not only do they add the value of a more interesting and relaxing homelife, but they add to the resale value of your home. There are estimates that a high-quality patio cover with the best materials can gain a 30-80% ROI. And our patios are of the highest quality!


How much does it cost to build a patio cover?

The cost for one of our aluminum patio covers depends on: size, any necessary concrete attachments, engineering and permit costs, and electrical options.

As one example, lattice patio covers run from $3,999 to $19,999 depending on which options we go with.


What is the process to get a quote?

Start the ball rolling by contacting us. You’ll hear from a project specialist who will set up a site visit and get you that estimate in 24 hours.


What areas in LA does Patio Warehouse operate in?

We are currently operating in the following areas: San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and Gateway Cities.

YES!! Financing is available…

Invest in yourself. In your friends, your family, & your home.

Your aluminum patio cover is an investment in your family and your future. You should be able to make this big investment with a payment plan. The application process is quick and easy! Get started by requesting an estimate.