Patio Cover and Sunroom Contractors in Mission Viejo, CA

Sunroom Contractors in Mission Viejo, California

Our customers have rated Patio Warehouse one of the best sunroom contractors in Mission Viejo, CA. Our products all work well together and can be fully customized to best fit your home and your existing landscape and hardscape features. Plus, our deeply-embossed, manufactured sunrooms and patio covers mimic the look of real wood grain without costing a lot to install and maintain. The fantastic team at Patio Warehouse has been helping Orange County homeowners achieve their dreams for over 16 years and have the best reviews of any patio and sunroom contractors in Mission Viejo, CA.

Patio Covers Mission Viejo, CA

Our Mission Viejo customers are often looking for simple ways to add-on to their homes without breaking the bank. Orange County property values are on the rise—since land in southern California retains its value, a well-planned, well-budgeted home addition can easily pay for itself in additional equity.

We often suggest that our customers choose one of our embossed aluminum patio covers or sunrooms if they’re looking for an affordable project that will add value to their home. When you look at price per square foot, aluminum patio covers and sunrooms are an excellent, economical way to increase both the square footage and the value of your home.

Some additional advantages of aluminum patio covers and sunrooms:



One of our favorite things about being patio and sunroom contractors in Mission Viejo, CA is encouraging homeowners to get inventive with design.

Although our products are pre-manufactured, they are also fully-customizable, meaning you aren’t limited to one or two looks. Personalize your addition with trim, lighting, and speciality colors, as well as other details, to make the finished project look like part of the original plan for your home.


Simple Installation

Once all of the prep-work has been completed, we can typically install your new sunroom or aluminum patio cover in just a few days.

All of our products feature modular construction, deep embossing, and the highest-grade materials in the industry, which makes installation quick and easy without compromising on quality.


Mix and Match

Our solid and lattice patio covers look amazing together, giving you both full shade and partial sun in one design.

Or, pair one of our aluminum patio covers with a sunroom to have a sophisticated haven that transitions beautifully from indoor to outdoor comfort.