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The perfect choice for the homeowner who wants to have it all, Apollo louvered patio covers give you the benefits of latticework and solid roof panels in one! Open the interlocking louvers fully to bask in the dwindling sunshine on a cool fall day or close them completely and relish your shady sanctuary in mid-July. You can even angle the louvers to direct sun toward your home or away from your home to promote natural heating and cooling.

Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Pool Area
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover Outdoor Space
Adjustable Patio Cover In Orange County

benefits of apollo louvered patio covers



Ultimate comfort and control, rain or shine

Owning an Apollo Opening Roof System is like having designer blinds built into your patio cover. You control the amount of sun or shade you let in using either a remote or a wall switch. The aluminum louvers turn nearly 180-degrees, allowing you to fine-tune your atmosphere. Adjust the louvers to create the look and ambiance you desire, from sun-filled illumination to dimly lit romance. Cracking the louvers just slightly shields you from the sun on an overbearing day while also letting heat escape and improving air circulation.

Best of all, the interlocking louvers overlap completely, channeling rain into 360-degree gutters and downspouts and away from your outdoor living area. You can stay dry and warm on the rainiest day, enjoying the sound of the downpour from the comfort of your patio. Integrate the downspouts into your landscape design and direct water into planters or rain collection barrels to further protect and conserve your natural resources.



Classical style, modern construction

Apollo louvered patio covers are high-tech — but they don’t look it. They look chic. Refined. Fully closed, the interlocking louvers have the look of traditional tongue-and-groove ceiling panels. Add in some custom-designed columns and the ideal architectural finish, and Apollo patio covers can look sleek, covering the pool deck behind a mid-century modern in Beverly Hills. Stately, spanning the majestic paved courtyard of a Mediterranean villa in Laguna Beach. Or, cozy, tucked into a breezeway or covering the patio garden of a craftsman cottage in Pasadena. No matter where you live or what your style, an Apollo patio cover will look right at home.

And, thanks to modern materials and engineering, you can get all of this smart, classic style along with contemporary benefits such as easy upkeep, less yearly wear-and-tear, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, Apollo patio covers were designed with installation in mind, which means we can complete your patio cover more quickly and with less hassle, reducing your labor costs.

Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California

Complete In-House Design Services

All it takes is a simple sketch to get started. You outline what you want your patio to look like, tell us how you plan to use it, and we’ll help you figure out the rest. Patio pavers or stamped concrete? An Elitewood insulated roof or an Apollo louvered patio cover? A Horizon sunroom or a LifeRoom? It’s a lot to think about, and that’s why we’re here.

Schedule a free consultation today so we can start collaborating on your backyard getaway. Because spending quality time with the people you love is always in season.

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