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What would you do with a little more ideal space in Orange County, California? Perhaps you pick to reward yourself a home office and see your productivity skyrocket. Maybe you’d choose to create an exercise studio out in the nature, a hobby room, a den for family game nights, or spark it up a notch by setting up a modular sofa loveseat. A place to invest in your health or make your leisure time more pleasant under a roof. A beautiful place to experience your dreams.

Installing a Cthru Sunroom is truly an investment and a great way to add a few square feet to your home without breaking the bank. The cthru sunroom construction and lightweight, high-tech materials keep costs down. Our sunrooms are built with four-inch, insulated walls and high-performance windows adding organic lighting, which means they’ll add square footage without adding much to your power bill.

Horizon Sunroom in Orange County California

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Built to blend model

The biggest concern most homeowners express when considering an addition is the overall look of the finished product, going from a regular screened porch to a sunroom. You don’t want your new sunroom to look like a new construction, tacked onto the back of your house. You want it to look like it’s always been a part of your home’s design, interwoven with both your house and your landscape.

Achieving a lived-in look is all about the details. Fortunately, our designers and sunroom builders are detail masters. Cthru Sunrooms feature a gabled roof that can be pitched to match your home’s existing roofline, creating a seamless look and giving your space higher ceilings and a lighter, more expansive feel. We can also match trim, paint colors, light fixtures, outlets — all of the particulars that make your home unique. By the time we’ve completed your new sunroom, you’ll think it’s been there all along.



Energy-efficiency never looked so elegant

When you contract with Patio Warehouse to design your addition, you know that we use only the highest-quality materials in our construction. You’ll love the quality that you can see. The designer textured wall panels that match your home’s color scheme. The glazed sliding glass windows that can easily be removed to convert your sunroom into a screen room in especially nice weather. The deep textured embossed ceiling panels with recessed lighting and a non-glare, matte finish.

But what’s even more important is the quality that you can’t see. All of our walls, windows, and door units are four inches thick — the thickest in the industry — and designed with thermal breaks to eliminate the transfer of heat or cold, providing year-round comfort and energy savings. Our windows and doors feature tempered safety glass and color-coordinated weatherstripping for a snug seal. And our Solar-X insulated roof systems are available in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate any climate and have 48” wide panels for fewer seams.

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Partner with us to carve your niche

It’s time to make some space for yourself and your loved ones. If a high-impact addition with a low-energy footprint sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, contact us for a free in-home estimate today and figure out the budget and cost. We’ll help you design a bright, sunny, year-round retreat that feels like part of the family.

Business hours remain the same from Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 6PM, due to COVID-19 we only take visits in our showroom by appointment. Patio Warehouse is strictly following the six-foot distancing guidelines. Contact us for any questions or request any service information.