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Transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space with our durable and stylish Aluminum Patio Covers. At Patio Warehouse, we have successfully completed over 8000 unique projects in Orange County. Each of our Patio Covers was designed to match the style of the house to give it a flawless look. Get your custom design by clicking the link below. 

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The perfect choice for the homeowner who wants to have it all, LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers give you the benefits of latticework and solid roof panels in one! Open the interlocking louvers fully to bask in the dwindling sunshine on a cool fall day or close them completely and relish your shady sanctuary in mid-July. You can even angle the louvers to direct sun toward your home or away from your home to promote natural heating and cooling.

  •   Patio Warehouse is AMAZING!! We just finished doing a complete remodel of our backyard. That included new pavers, a built in fire pit with bench seating, and a new outdoor kitchen area. The only thing I needed was a free standing covered patio to encompass the outdoor kitchen. I was using top of the line contractors for the pavers, fire pit, seating, kitchen, etc., so I wanted to be sure the patio cover was up to the same quality and standards we had received so far.

    I did a TON of research on different patio companies, and Patio Warehouse was at the top of my "wish list" based on their reviews, length of time in the business and great reputation. But I wanted to do some comparison so I met with four different patio companies. My initial meeting with Patio Warehoiuse was with Mario O. and I knew right away this company was legit. He was professional, friendly and you could tell right away he had the experience I was looking for.

    After meeting with all four companies, it was clear to me who the winner was: Patio Warehouse! So I decided to go with them and boy am I glad I did! Everyone I dealt with was professional and kind, which is very important to me. They gave me timelines on when to expect the product to come in, when the install would start, finish, etc. They met or exceeded every deadline.

    I had a few changes I wanted to make along the way (make the patio cover a little bigger, add some electrical and install speakers) and all of that was NO PROBLEM for them! Esteban was our installer and his work was so meticulous and perfect! I really can't say enough about how hard he worked to ensure that everything came out exactly how I envisioned it. He really put in the extra time and effort before he dug the first post, because he wanted it to come out exactly perfect.

    As of a few days ago, the patio cover is complete and it actually came out much nicer than I had hoped for. Each day (and night, lol), I go outside to just look at it. I keep looking for any little flaws and I truly can't find one. It is simply perfect.

    Patio Warehouse is to patio covers what Michael Jordan is to basketball and what Tiger Woods is to golf. The top of their field. So why would anyone even consider going with a lesser company when for the same price they could get the best of the best?

    So if you're looking for a patio cover company do yourself a favor: Stop looking and go with Patio Warehouse! They truly are the best!

    thumb Phil S.
  •   Installed large Alumawood  patio cover with 3 fans, recessed lighting and electrical outlets.
    So pleased with the entire engagement process from responsiveness to detailed quote and pricing .
    Project was fast tracked in only 3 weeks and the results were an outstanding looking cover we enjoy daily ( see video ) . Shout out to Jarod Maples and Tony Garcia , project installer for their work & service ..... we have recommended Patio Warehouse to many of our friends

    thumb Mark J.
  •   This company is as good as the reviews say. We are thrilled with our new patio cover. Frank and his team were hard workers and good communicators. I highly recommend Patio Warehouse.

    thumb Keith G.
  •   Thank you very much to the Patio Warehouse team for the nice and wonderful job done at our house. I highly recommend the company if you need some type of patio structure construction. I was pleased with the price since they were able to hear my concerns and make adjustments to the total cost.

    thumb Monica T.
  •   Patio Warehouse is Top Notch!!  Jarod-Owner, Justine-Office, Karra-Cash taker :), Tony-Project manager, and Marlon-Amazing Installer are all great! I did not have one bad experience with anyone there. The whole team is fluid with communications and timelines. We used to keep the blinds in the house closed because the old patio cover and furniture were a mess, but now with the new cover, we're excited to pick new furniture and keep the blinds open because it feels like an extension to the house. I'll add additional pictures after the concrete is replaced and the new furniture is delivered. The best addition to the house!! Thanks again to all involved.

    thumb Bill E.
  •   I hired Patio Warehouse to do a patio cover for me a couple of years ago.  That project was so satisfactory that I had no hesitation in awarding another job to them recently.  That latest job was an aluma-wood lattice roof over my atrium, to replace the old termite-infested latticework that was on the house when I bought it.  Additionally, Patio Warehouse has recently completed new patio covers for each of my adult children.  I think Jeff Shore and his crew are terrific.

    thumb Pat D.

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Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Pool Area
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California
Apollo Louvered Patio Cover Outdoor Space
Adjustable Patio Cover In Orange County

benefits of a LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers



Ultimate comfort and control, rain or shine

Owning an LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers is like having designer blinds built into your patio cover. You control the amount of sun or shade you let in using either a remote or a wall switch. The aluminum louvers turn nearly 180-degrees, allowing you to fine-tune your atmosphere. Adjust the louvers to create the look and ambiance you desire, from sun-filled illumination to dimly lit romance. Cracking the louvers just slightly shields you from the sun on an overbearing day while also letting heat escape and improving air circulation.

Best of all, the interlocking louvers overlap completely, channeling rain into 360-degree gutters and downspouts and away from your outdoor living area. You can stay dry and warm on the rainiest day, enjoying the sound of the downpour from the comfort of your patio. Integrate the downspouts into your landscape design and direct water into planters or rain collection barrels to further protect and conserve your natural resources.



Classical style, modern construction

LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers are high-tech — but they don’t look it. They look chic. Refined. Fully closed, the interlocking louvers have the look of traditional tongue-and-groove ceiling panels. Add in some custom-designed columns and the ideal architectural finish, and LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers can look sleek, covering the pool deck behind a mid-century modern in Beverly Hills. Stately, spanning the majestic paved courtyard of a Mediterranean villa in Laguna Beach. Or, cozy, tucked into a breezeway or covering the patio garden of a craftsman cottage in Pasadena. No matter where you live or what your style, a LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers will look right at home.

And, thanks to modern materials and engineering, you can get all of this smart, classic style along with contemporary benefits such as easy upkeep, less yearly wear-and-tear, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers were designed with installation in mind, which means we can complete your patio cover more quickly and with less hassle, reducing your labor costs.

Apollo Louvered Patio Cover in Orange County, California

Complete In-House Design Services

All it takes is a simple sketch to get started. You outline what you want your patio to look like, tell us how you plan to use it, and we’ll help you figure out the rest. Patio pavers or stamped concrete? An Elitewood insulated roof or an LifeRoom Louvered Patio Covers or a Horizon sunroom? It’s a lot to think about, and that’s why we’re here.

Schedule a free consultation today so we can start collaborating on your backyard getaway. Because spending quality time with the people you love is always in season.