Elitewood vs. Alumawood?

What is the difference between Elitewood & Alumawood?

This is the most common question from homeowners and it’s often misunderstood.  It very important to understand that there are 2 brands of Elitewood aluminum patio covers.  There is Elitewood Ultra and Elitewood Classic, both manufactured by Four Seasons Building Products.

Elitewood Ultra is the most superior patio cover product on the market.  It features the most beautiful and realistic deep driftwood texture, a 30% thicker gage aluminum, and an impenetrable Kynar 500 paint coating.  Elitewood Ultra also comes with a 30 year materials warranty & 10 year labor warranty.  This warranty also covers fading & chalking, which no other product covers.

Elitewood Classic is the same product as Alumawood, just made by a different manufacturer.  Elitewood Classic is manufactured by Four Seasons Building Products.  Alumawood is manufactured by Amerimax.  Elitewood Classic & Alumawood when held side by side look the exact same!  That’s because it is the same product.  So don’t be fooled!  Both aluminum patio cover products feature a light cedar wood texture & Teflon paint coating.  Although the Teflon coating does provide added shininess to the finish, it isn’t comparable to the Kynar 500 paint finish on the Elitewood Ultra.  This is clearly demonstrated thru the warranty which covers 15 years on material & 3 years on the labor for the Elitewood Classic.  Alumawood only covers 1 year on labor.  So if your trying to decide between Elitewood Classic vs. Alumawood, go with the Elitewood ClassicIt has a better warranty and is installed by more qualified contractors.  Keep in mind neither warranty covers fading or chalking, so if your thinking about installing a color besides white then consider upgrading to Elitewood Ultra.

To even further confuse the patio cover industry, Duralum manufactures a patio cover product called Weatherwood.  Again this is the exact same product as Elitewood Classic and Alumawood.  It also has the same warranty as Alumawood.

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