Vinyl vs Aluminum Patio Covers

Vinyl Patio Cover vs Aluminum Patio Cover

Due to their superior cost effectiveness, aluminum and vinyl are among the top materials for home renovation projects. While we could build our patio covers and sunrooms with many materials, Patio Warehouse uses aluminum products for their combination of durability, efficiency, and cost savings.



In Orange County, California, the constant sunshine creates a friendly climate, but it’s not as kind to vinyl. Over time, vinyl can fade, warp, and crack. Aluminum withstands the elements, providing long-lasting strength and style.



While both aluminum and vinyl are easy to maintain, Patio Warehouse chooses aluminum for our Elitewood patio cover and Sunscape Sunroom projects because of its ability to provide a lightweight frame that can be embossed with attractive woodgrain patterns and coated with protective enamel and custom paint colors.



Aluminum stands as one of the most affordable building materials. While vinyl is also included in the cost-effective category, aluminum can be easily enhanced with additions like baked enamel coatings, which provide energy saving protection against the harshest elements.

From high-end patio enclosures to louvered patio covers, aluminum construction offers upscale dependability at sensible prices.

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