How to Choose a Sunroom Installer

How to Choose a Sunroom Installer

When you are considering adding a sunroom or a patio enclosure to your house, you only want the very best. Choosing the right sunroom contractor can mean the difference between a worry-free, easy process that results in a family gathering spot you enjoy for years to come—and a stressful situation that ends up feeling like a waste of time and money.

If you are thinking about hiring a sunroom installer in the near future, here are five things to consider:


Go Local

While it may seem like a better idea to go with a larger, franchised company with offices all over the country, we highly recommend choosing a smaller, locally-owned company. Sunroom contractors who have lived and worked in Orange County, CA for their entire professional lives are not only more invested in their community, they are also better-versed in the building codes, the local permitting process, and inspection procedures in your area. Choosing a non-local company can result in expensive fines and delays and make your entire experience less enjoyable.

Look at Past Projects

A good contractor should not only be willing, but also happy and proud, to show you examples of past work. When you look at a sunroom installer’s past projects, make note of quality, consistency—and also variety and versatility. You want a contractor who can make your sunroom addition look and feel like part of your original construction, not one who takes a quick, cookie-cutter approach. If you find a sunroom contractor who you like, but you notice that every project looks the same, keep searching. Nothing is worse than a sunroom that looks like it was tacked on as an afterthought. At Patio Warehouse, we pride ourselves on our design-build skills. We’d love to you to browse our sunroom galleries and our other past projects.

Look at the Reviews

What former customers think about their sunroom contractor’s work really says a lot. Fortunately, we live in the age of Facebook and Yelp, so you can do your research before hiring a sunroom installer. When you check a contractor’s reviews, look for things like reliable customer service, professionalism, and the ability to deliver on time and on budget. Many of our former customers consider us the best sunroom contractors in Orange County, CA. We gladly invite you to check our references!

Visit Showrooms

Online pictures can show you a lot about the quality and consistency of a sunroom contractor’s work, but visiting a showroom can give you an even better sense of the materials the contractor uses. At Patio Warehouse, we use the highest-grade, deeply embossed aluminum products that give your new sunroom addition the look and feel of real wood. We also use the best, most energy-efficient glass in the industry—glazed, tempered, insulated, and able to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Schedule an appointment to see our showroom yourself!

Check Professional Affiliations

This should go without saying, but you should always make sure to choose a sunroom contractor who is licensed and insured. There’s a lot that can go wrong on a construction site, so you want to choose a contractor who puts safety and professional reputation first.

Ready to get started?

If you live in the Orange County area and you are ready to start sunroom construction, we would love to have the opportunity to submit a quote. It doesn’t cost a thing to get started, so contact us for your free, in-home estimate today.

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