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Why stop your hospitality at your doorstep when it can overflow outdoors! Pool parties, backyard barbecues, garden luncheons, or cocktail parties under the stars. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s outside and with a well-designed and low maintenance shade cover. And what better choice than a freestanding patio cover?

Freestanding patio covers are trending as one of the best options in low-cost real wood alternatives. Elitewood’s embossed aluminum beautifully delivers the look of genuine wood without the long-term burden of expensive maintenance. This makes it the perfect option for people who are on-the-go and busy, but want to have the perfect place to enjoy nature without all the hustle of maintaining it. 

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Why Choose a Freestanding Patio Cover



Built to last

Something characteristic that is worthy of boast about the freestanding patio covers is the attention to detail and the high-quality materials used. The aluminum patio roof panels ensure a superior heat resistance in the afternoon while keeping the cold at bay in the evening, making them an excellent all-weather choice. It will withstand the most adverse conditions: sun, rain, wind, snow, or extreme weather, without fading, peeling, cracking, warping, or having any leaks.

A finish that looks just like the real thing is achieved with baked textured wood-grain enamel, then painted with a patented Aluma-shield paint system with a Teflon surface protector. Unlike ones made with wood, your patio cover won’t rot or attract mold, termites or carpenter bees.

This creates the most durable product, assuring that you won’t have to worry about much while enjoying your beautiful patio cover. Feel free to enjoy nature without a care!



Infinite customization

Are you really specific about what you want for your patio in regards to style and design? No problem at all! Homeowners are able to choose from four beam and rafter end cuts, as well as eight beautiful paint colors: White, Desert Sand, Brown, Beige, Cameo, Champagne, Adobe, and Almond. Whether you want a square, rectangle, or rounded patio cover, our board of designers can make any type of shade structure according to your wishes and desires. There’s no creative limitations when it comes to Elitewood!


Your Style

Built to Blend

Our freestanding patio covers can be custom painted to match your home’s exterior for a well-rounded and integrated look. The light nature of the aluminum makes it easy to install and design to blend into your home’s current style. All of this hand-in-hand with the homeowner, who will be a part of this fast process all the way until the patio cover is fully installed. 

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Our aluminum patio covers are created to be an extension of your home’s style, and while enduring adverse conditions, requiring very little maintenance, and binge durable over time. If all this sounds like what you’re looking for in your new patio cover, feel free to visit our gallery to gather some inspiration. You can also give us a call for a free design consultation. There are no limits with us, so dream away!