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Your hospitality shouldn’t stop at your doorstep. It should overflow, out-of-doors. Host pool parties for the kids, backyard barbecues, garden luncheons, or evening cocktail parties under the stars. Whatever your preference, no outdoor retreat is complete without a well-designed shade cover to round out the look.

Elitewood Patio Covers are trending as one of the best consumer options in low-cost real wood alternatives. Patio covers constructed from Elitewood’s embossed aluminum have an advantage: they beautifully deliver the look of genuine wood without the perpetual, long-term burden of costly (and time consuming) maintenance.


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noninsulated solid patio orange county california
Non-Insulated Solid Patio Cover
patio orange county california
Insulated Solid Patio Cover
patio orange county california
Ranger Roof Solid Patio Cover

benefits of Elitewood Solid Patio covers



Built to last

Elitewood solid patio covers boast quality materials and an unsurpassed attention to detail. The textured wood-grain enamel is baked on for a finish that looks just like the real thing and then painted with a patented Aluma-shield paint system with a Teflon surface protector, creating the most durable finish in the aluminum patio cover market.

What this means for you — a beautifully designed patio cover that can withstand the harshest conditions, including sun, rain, wind, snow, and extreme heat, without fading, warping, peeling, or cracking. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, your Elitewood solid patio cover will keep looking great year after year. The paint system even resists dirt and stains, making clean up a breeze.

And, of course, unlike wood, your patio cover will never rot or attract mold, termites, or carpenter bees.



Infinite customization

But your customization options don’t end there. Design-conscious homeowners can choose from four beam and rafter end cuts as well as eight stylish paint colors: White, Desert Sand, Brown, Beige, Cameo, Champagne, Adobe, and Almond. Creative limitations don’t exist with Elitewood. You can opt for a square, rectangle, rounded, or curved patio cover, a freestanding pergola, or any other type of shade structure.

alumawood patio covers

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