Brickform Stamped Concrete

Go ahead. Pave paradise.

Attractive landscaping is crucial to any well-maintained home, to a life well lived, and to your property’s resale value. We even have a phrase for it: curb appeal. Good landscaping design effortlessly connects natural features and manmade elements into a coherent whole, creating a lovely refuge that extends your family’s usable living space. Great landscaping design does all of this while also boasting easy upkeep and withstanding the pressures of time, use, and weather.

Today’s innovative engineered products, like aluminum patio covers and Brickfrom stamped concrete, are both long-lasting and simple to maintain. Stamped concrete provides greater design flexibility than any other patio product on the market. Brickform, the product line we carry, is the leader in their industry and offers a greater selection of textures than any other manufacturer. Whether your home is a cozy, rustic cottage or a spacious villa, we can find a texture and color combination that suits you perfectly.

Brickform Stamped Concrete Services in Orange County, California

benefits of brickform stamped concrete



A paved paradise

Many homeowners think they should steer clear of concrete, picturing cracked sidewalks with weeds growing in the seams and square patios totally out of sync with the surroundings. With Brickform, concrete has come a long way. Cement stamping is a process that applies a texture to the top layer of the concrete while it’s still wet and malleable. But that’s where the process begins, not where it ends. There are also integral coloring agents, stains, dyes, polishers, antiquers, surface treatments, resurfacers, sealers…you name it. Everything we need to transform ordinary concrete into something utterly modern, functional, and lustrous.

We believe that your hardscaping elements should complement your natural landscape, not control or cover it. Decorative concrete is an ideal way to accomplish this kind of harmony with nature. In addition to the many looks and styles we can achieve with texture mats, colors, and polishers, we can also pour your patio, deck, or walkway into any shape. Many homeowners choose a pleasing mixture of straight lines and organic curves that mirror the natural shape of their yard. Browse through our gallery to get some design inspiration for your personal paradise.



Quick layout, easy elegance

Sure, a stamped concrete patio looks sophisticated and can be poured in a day. More importantly, the Brickform line of products make your designer surface denser, stronger, and less likely to wear down over time. You’ll continue to love your gleaming patio floor, year after year, rather than spending hours maintaining it. And, if you do decide that your patio floor needs a makeover, we make that easy, too. Brickform carries a large line of overlays and resurfacing products to refresh your look without having to redo the work.

brickform stamped concrete

Professional service is just a click away

While stamped concrete is affordable and easy to install and maintain, it’s difficult to get the surface looking exactly right. Also, there are so many choices to make before the concrete is poured, even experienced DIYers can feel overwhelmed by the process. Let Patio Warehouse help you take the pain out of planning your patio. Not only do we have decades of experience building patios and sunrooms, we also stay up-to-date with today’s most advanced products and sought-after designs. Contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation today; we’ll guide you to the perfect patio for your lifestyle.