Elitewood Classic Solid Patio Covers in Orange County

Our Elitewood aluminum patio covers are endlessly customizable and versatile; they work equally well for large and small spaces, for businesses and homes, and can blend with all architectural styles. For this patio cover project in Yorba Linda, CA, the homeowners wanted an intimate outdoor space that enhanced the warmth of their one-story stucco home and their lush, deep green backyard.

We began this project with three-inch Elitewood Ultra roof panels for the patio cover. The homeowners’ patio consists of both organic and geometric lines – a curved section that juts out into the yard by the corner or the house and a more rectangular section at the center of the house, by the back door. Elitewood aluminum patio covers can be molded into any shape that you want, and many homeowners choose stylish rounded or fan-shaped aluminum patio covers to best set off their landscape. However, for this project, the homeowners wanted the covered patio to feel more like an outdoor room and a natural extension of the home, so we marked off a large, 20-foot by 30-foot rectangular area next to the house and began construction on the attached patio cover.

Outdoor Comfort: Aluminum Patio Covers Create Cozy Orange County Homes

Since this home already had a natural alcove, with the east and west wings of the home extending further than the center of the home, we decided to work with this architectural feature to create a comfortable outdoor sanctuary for the family. We fit the patio cover snugly under the roof overhang on three sides and around the chimney, resulting in a partially walled-off nook for reading, lounging, or hanging out with friends and family.

For the ten-inch columns and the scallop-cut header beam, we chose a smooth finish rather than a cedar finish in order to better match the window and door trim on the house.

Final Details

We finished off the project with some fine-detailing, including recessed LED lighting and ceiling fans for better air circulation under their Elitewood patio cover. The soft bulbs in the ceiling fans create a warm, golden glow against the sandstone stucco walls, especially in the early evening. By far our favorite detail, though, is the crown molding along the back wall of the new patio cover. This molding is actually stucco, not wood, which means it will stand up to the weather.

More importantly, the crown molding makes the space feel like a “patio room” instead of merely a covered patio. We love the way that the finished project blends seamlessly and feels like a natural extension of the home.

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Our Locations

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