Solid Elitewood Patio Cover in OC

We design and install patio covers for homes  in many Orange County, CA cities, including Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Lake Forest. For this Placentia, CA project the homeowners chose a four-inch Elitewood Classic solid aluminum patio cover as their starting point. The homeowners wanted a relaxing, breezy place where they could take a break from the pool, have a glass of wine, or eat their lunch away from the midday sun.

We began by scoping out a 16-foot by 32-foot rectangular area for their patio, an area immediately adjacent to their house, as a prime spot for extra shade protection. While some homeowners prefer freestanding aluminum patio covers that create an island oasis in their yard, an attached shade cover worked better for this landscape, which included a patio constructed from stamped concrete with a border of concrete pavers as well as an irregularly shaped pool. In addition, the patio included both straight and organic lines, making it even more important that we integrate the finished project into the existing landscape and hardscape features.

Distinctive Details: Our ElitewoodPatio Covers Standout In Orange County, CA

Once we chose the area we wanted to cover and the size of the patio cover, we got to work on the details, taking into mind the homeowners’ lifestyle needs. After consulting with the homeowners, we chose to use 10-inch smooth round columns, which balance the formal, rectangular cover while also mirroring the more fluid lines of the patio surrounding the pool and the stunning roof tiled in the Spanish Colonial style. We chose a scallop-cut header beam for the same reasons.

The homeowners wanted to be able to use their new Elitewood patio cover in the evening as well as during the day, so we included six-inch LED recessed lights to the ceiling panels to add a warm glow on summer nights. We also added ceiling fans to promote better air circulation and a 40-inch Infratech heater to make their retreat comfortable year-round, even on chilly fall mornings. Finally, the homeowners told us that they love listening to music to relax, so we included four recessed speakers. The result: an ambient outdoor sanctuary ideal for both backyard barbecues in the height of summer and cozy morning coffees in the middle of winter.

Finishing Touches

To finish the project and complete the look, we customized the color of the aluminum patio cover. We painted the top and edges of the patio cover and the four columns in a medium sandstone to match the house’s exterior paint. We left the header beam and the ceiling panels white to blend in with the house’s window and door trim, making the final look seamless – like the new Elitewood patio cover was a part of the original design and construction rather than a recent addition.

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