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The innovated elitewood Insulated patio covers give Orange County homeowners superior heat resistance in the afternoon and help keep the chill at bay in the evening, making them an excellent all-weather choice. For this patio project model near Yorba Linda, CA, the homeowners wanted a stately, but inviting, backyard retreat big enough to create a shady seating area and to protect their new stacked stone outdoor island bar and grill. The elitewood aluminum patio cover has a strong reputation among homeowners for its superiority to wood and other materials. 

We began this project with three-inch insulated Elitewood Classic roof panels for the patio cover. These striking panels have a tongue-and-groove pattern on the ceiling and deep-embossed wood grain texture for a sophisticated final look that truly mimics the appearance of genuine wood. With Elitewood aluminum patio covers, you have to look closely to know they aren’t wood! We marked off a large, 18-foot by 32-foot area next to the house and began construction on the attached patio cover.

Built To Blend: Aluminum Patio Covers That Match Your Orange County Home

Often, we custom paint our aluminum patio covers in order to match the home’s exterior paint for a seamless, integrated look. Since the aluminum patio cover is light metal, it is easily installed and designed to blend with the current style of the home. In this case, the back of this house is already two different colors and two different textures – a lighter beige-gray siding up top and a darker gray stucco on the bottom. The homeowners worried that picking either of the two colors might feel overwhelming, upsetting the natural balance of the home. In addition, between the variegated concrete patio pavers, stacked stone island, and matching stacked stone retaining wall supporting a raised patio on the far side of the pool, the landscape is already saturated with color and texture.

For all of these reasons, the homeowners opted for a brilliant white patio cover, picking up the window and door trim on the house as well as the eye-catching trim on the gray picket fence. For the columns, we created 8-inch square pillars with a scallop-cut header beam and gorgeous, finely-detailed base pedestals. We love these columns almost as much as the homeowners do – they mirror the structured look of the fence posts surrounding the yard and pull the entire project together.

Stylish Extras

We finished off the project with a few extras, including recessed LED lighting and ceiling fans for better air circulation under their Elitewood patio cover. The black ceiling fans form a nice contrast with the bright white ceiling panels and look great with the new patio furniture. The homeowners also asked for outlets in case they decide they want to add patio heaters in the future.

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