Louvered Patio Cover

The Ultimate Louvered Patio Cover Roof System

The ultimate louvered patio cover roof system is considered one of the most elegant outdoor patio cover products. With adjustable shade & light, as well as rain protection, it’s a perfect fit for every occasion. 

Elitewood and LifeRoom offers premium colors, unmatched customization, smart controls, and more. Owning a Louvered patio cover is like having a designer blinds, allowing for the aluminum louvers to turn nearly 180 degrees to fine-tune the desired atmosphere. 

Why Should Homeowners Consider the Louvered Patio Covers? 

Homeowners in Orange County and LA are now considering the Louvered patio cover because of its amazing range of premium features and warranty. The adjustable louvers, unlimited custom louvers and frames, and the smart controls can transform a simple backyard into an elegant outdoor living space. 

The Louvered is considered one of the newest types of patio covers due to its versatility, aesthetics, and motorized smart controls. 

What is the Ultimate Louvered Roof System? 

A louvered roof is a new type of patio cover with adjustable premium slats, also known as louvers, which make this patio cover unique. With the adjustable louvers, a homeowner can enjoy shade, light and airflow. All in one elegant patio cover product. 

4 Reasons to go with Louvered Patio Cover Roof System 


The greatest benefit of the louver is the adjustability. The freedom to open or close the louvers for different atmospheric settings is unmatched. Having adjustable louvers is what sets a Louvered patio cover apart from other patio cover designs.

In addition to offering shade and light, it also provides protection from the rain. The mechanism by which the louvered roof prevents water from coming in is truly amazing. When the louvers are closed, they interlock with each other, creating a waterproof seal and channeling the water into the built-in gutter system. 


The standard colors for the louvers and frame currently include: white, pewter, sand, bronze, and black. Additionally, “slate” is available as a frame color option. 

Smart Controls 

Louvers patio covers are made smart. Our Louvered patio cover installation comes with integration smart controls, enhancing your experience on a hot, sunny day or during nighttime gatherings with the family. 

Unmatched Customization 

The Louvered patio covers offer an unmatched customization, giving the outdoor space an elegant and sophisticated look. Full customization is available to fit any size backyard, ensuring that as a homeowner, you maximize your outdoor living space. 

Let’s transform your simple backyard into an elegant outdoor gathering spot. 

How to Get an On-Site Consultation? 

Get your free on-site patio consultation by filling out the contact form. Once the form is submitted, one of our team members is going to schedule an on-site visit. The purpose of the on-site visit is to understand your vision with the Louvered Patio Cover and answer any of your questions. 

What to Expect Working with Patio Warehouse Inc! 

We follow a six-step process for Louvered patio projects. If you’re interested in learning more about one of our Louvered patio covers, fill out the contact form. Kindly allow our team a waiting period of twenty-four hours to contact you, as we are currently experiencing a high demand for on-site consultations. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

  1. What is a Louvered roof? A louvered roof is a new type of patio cover with adjustable premium slats, also known as “louvers” which makes this patio cover special.
  2. Are Louvered Patio Covers Hot? The Louvered patio cover is one of the best options for homeowners in Orange County and LA as it is a great option for hot-sunny days. By adjusting the louvers you can keep the space cool at all times.
  3. How do you open a Louvered roof patio cover? At the time of installing the Louvered roof patio cover, you will be given instructions to install a specific application on your phone. This is going to allow you to open and close the louvers with ease.
  4. Are Louvered roofs worth it? Yes, the Louvered roofs are definitely worth it.
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