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Custom Elitewood Lattice Patio Covers in Orange County, CA

We are always happy to travel to install lattice patio covers throughout Orange County, CA. But we also love staying close to home, here in the northeast corner of the county, serving cities like Yorba Linda and Anaheim. This striking, custom-build patio cover project in our hometown of Orange is really two patio covers in one. Elitewood Aluminum Lattice is easy to tailor to any landscape or patio design, even one as structurally complicated as this home’s backyard. The homeowners thought an embossed lattice would be the ideal choice for what they had in mind for their project, which consisted of two attached Elitewood Lattice patio covers extending away from the house in different directions.


This is the kind of project you have to see to believe — so check out all of our project photos on  the Patio Warehouse Facebook page.


The homeowner’s backyard was already heavily designed, with many architectural landscape features, including a gorgeous patio made out of a smooth decorative concrete bordered by brick patio pavers, a slightly-raised, center terrace, also made from brick patio pavers, an outdoor grill island, and many steps and raised planters. The overall effect was one of structure, beauty, and balance, which we needed to be sure to replicate with our patio cover design.


A Patio With Personality: Elitewood Patio Covers That Suit Your Orange County Home


To begin, we chose to cover only the concrete portion of the patio, leaving the brick pavers that formed the raised, fan-shaped terrace in the middle of the patio in full sunlight. To do so, we had to create two patio covers set perpendicular to each other, one spanning the left side of the patio, and the other over the right side. The homeowner’s felt, and we agreed, that choosing a more conventional rectangular patio cover that cut across the entire patio would obscure the fine details and pleasing structure of the terrace design. Choosing to cover just one side of the  patio, on the other hand, would disrupt the natural balance of the landscape. The only solution was two identical Elitewood Lattice Patio Covers that followed the lines of the patio closely, resulting in a stunning symmetry.


After consulting with the homeowners, we chose to use 10-inch smooth round tapered columns, which offset all the sharp angles in the landscape design while also reflecting the rounded portion of the terrace. We chose a scallop-cut header beam for similar reasons; to add a graceful fluidity to an otherwise angular design. We used an embossed aluminum lattice to pick up on the texture of the home’s stucco exterior. The beams and rafters we chose were a substantial 3×8, and we spaced the lattice tubes 3” apart, providing nearly equal parts shade and sunlight.


Final Steps


To polish the look and functionality of the final product, we had to choose color and final details. We left the patio covers a brilliant, white aluminum to match the window and door trim. The end result is an unforgettably unique patio cover that blends perfectly with the home and the landscape.  We finished off the project with ceiling fans and a couple of floodlights along each header beam, providing lighting not only for the patio area under the cover, but also for the terrace and the grill area.


We really enjoyed consulting with these homeowners to figure out the best way to maximize their outdoor space, and we would love to do the same for you. Contact us to see how we can create a custom outdoor retreat for your home. There is no cost to get started, so schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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