Bring the Outdoors & Family Together

with the Smart Technology of a Liferoom.

It seems like everywhere you look, people are spending more time with their technology than with each other, from couples staring at their smartphones over a romantic dinner to family members all on separate screens in their living rooms. Wouldn’t it be nice if we designed technology to connect people rather than drive them apart?

With the LifeRoom from Four Seasons, smart technology brings the whole family together. Whether you’re having breakfast with the birds or dining out under the stars, taking an afternoon nap or hosting a rowdy game night, the LifeRoom easily transitions from day to night. Better yet, the LifeRoom lets everyone enjoy the outdoors with all the comfort of being indoors.

benefits of the liferoom



An all-day, all-weather sanctuary

Don’t let harsh sun or high pollen counts keep you from spending time outdoors this year. With LifeRoom’s one-click glide screens, you can create the ultimate backyard privacy or a just-right party atmosphere while protecting yourself and your family from the elements.

Our innovative pollen guard filters out up to 99% of pollen and other pesky allergens. Even the most sensitive sinuses can fully enjoy the LifeRoom. And the LifeRoom’s glazed skylights let in the light while blocking up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.



Comfort at your fingertips

Equipped with a state-of-the-art cool mist climate system, the LifeRoom allows you to drop the temperature up to 40 degrees with one click. You can control the airflow, too, with the cool breeze system. Generate your own air currents for instant relief when the weather is stifling.

When it gets cold outside, there’s no need to cool down your outdoor entertaining schedule. The LifeRoom’s radiating heaters take the edge off of chilly nights.


easy install

Your own hospitality headquarters

Your kids will love the LifeRoom patio. It’s ideal for family game and movie nights with its built-in on-demand projection screen and surround sound system. But it’s even better for grown-up get-togethers with your friends and neighbors. Soft blue, recessed LED lighting sets the stage for fascinating conversations. Everything looks better, feels more fun, and seems more intimate under the warm, ambient glow of the LifeRoom at night. Your next backyard barbecue is sure to be the talk of the town when you have a LifeRoom as party central.

Add life to your days


We can’t add more days to your life. But, with the LifeRoom, we can add life to your days. Build memories with friends and family and enjoy our enviable Southern California weather in a new and fresh way, every day of the year. The LifeRoom is an investment in yourself and your relationships. In your quality of life.

Put our technology to work

Our Patio Warehouse technicians are experts at installing the perfect smart technology patio for your entertainment needs. We have created hundreds of luxury outdoor spaces and patios for families all across Orange County, California, and we would love to install your LifeRoom.

Whether you choose a LifeRoom patio, a sunroom, or a patio and aluminum patio cover, let us help you transform your backyard into a first-class getaway. You won’t regret it!